Levitra basic information

If you are looking for an effective drug to overcome erectile dysfunction with then Levitra is just the thing you need. It is a highly popular medication for treating male impotence. Making part of the drug class called PDE-5 inhibitors Levitra shares the same mechanism of action as other popular ED medications. It was observed to help men with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction, even in cases when there were no erections for months and even years. And due to its improved effectiveness and superior tolerance it is regarded as the second-chance drug in cases when other popular ED drug brands were ineffective.

The mechanism of action in Levitra is genius in its simplicity. The main problem men experience during erectile dysfunction is the lack of proper blood flow into the penis when sexually excited. This can occur due to various reasons and conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, hormonal imbalance, smoking, drug abuse, stress, blood vessel damage and others. What Levitra helps with is that it intensifies the blood flow into the penis upon sexual excitement making erections stronger and more durable. The drug doesn't eliminate the actual cause behind the condition, it only neglects the effects on erectile function.

Levitra is regarded as a well tolerated drug. Side effects do occur while taking it, as with any prescription medication, yet they are quite rare and aren't significant. Levitra has an increased effectiveness in treating ED and is often used with success after other ED drugs have proven to be ineffective. Its overall tolerance goes as far as being safe to take with alcohol. Other ED drugs are strongly prohibited to be taken wit alcohol because of the increased risk of experiencing negative side effects. Levitra on the other hand can be safely taken with moderate amounts of alcohol, which makes it the perfect choice for a romantic evening that is followed by sexual intercourse. Of course, if you intend to drink a bottle of scotch then Levitra won't be much of a help. But one-two glasses of wine are just OK.

Levitra shouldn't be taken on a regular basis following a certain schedule. You only have to take it when needed. Take a single pill of the prescribe dosage in about 20-30 minutes before engaging into sexual activity and you will experience improved erections. It's just simple as that. So why not giving your sexual life a good boost when it's so simple with Levitra?

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