Levitra Can Improve Your Sex Life and Your Health!

It's no secret that humans love sex.  Not only does it keep the human race alive, but it is also a basic need for a variety of reasons.  People with healthy and active sex lives live longer, are less likely to divorce, have higher self-esteem, get sick less often, and report higher levels of happiness. Since sexual health is closely tied to normal healthy functioning, it makes sense that erectile dysfunction is a symptom of an underlying problem, rather than a condition in and of itself. These sexual benefits also demonstrate why erectile dysfunction can be so damaging to a man and his partner.

In order to understand how erectile dysfunction is a symptom, it is useful to understand how an erection occurs.  An erection occurs when your brain sends a signal to increase blood flow to the penis.  This increase in blood flow is what causes the penis to become erect.  If you are having problems with your brain sending or receiving the signal, your blood flow, or any other system in between, you could have a hard time obtaining an erection.  There are many things such as old age, diabetes, high blood pressure, low testosterone, cardiovascular disease, substance abuse including nicotine use, certain medications, depression, anxiety, and nerve or spinal cord injury, that can cause erectile dysfunction.  

Fortunately there are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction.  Therapy, lifestyle changes, surgery, and medications are the main ways to treat erectile dysfunction, and which method you choose will likely depend on the underlying cause of the condition.  Medication is a great choice for most men, and is usually the easiest option.  One great medication that is currently available is Levitra.  Levitra is taken once per day, and helps you achieve strong and long lasting erections.  Fortunately, Levitra will not give you automatic erections - you will need to be sexually aroused first, as usual.

If you are interested in Levitra as an erectile dysfunction treatment, it is important to see your doctor before trying to self-medicate.  These underlying conditions can be serious, and will need to be treated right away.  In addition, medications such as Levitra do not cure erectile dysfunction, so if you would like to stop taking medication one day, you need to treat the underlying cause.  Finally, it is necessary to have a valid prescription before using Levitra.  Not only is this the law, but it is the only safe way to take this drug.  Some online pharmacies will offer to send you drugs without a prescription, but these are likely counterfeit drugs and you won't know what you are really getting.

Erectile dysfunction can be a very damaging condition. Embarrassment often causes men not to seek treatment. However, erectile dysfunction is common, and is not something to take personally. Visit your doctor today, get a prescription for Levitra, and get back on the road to great sex.

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